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Why Canuse?

Canut, use [kany, yz] n. • Ouvrier, ouvrière qui travaille dans le tissage de la soie à Lyon (rare au fém.) La révolte des canuts, en 1831. - Le Nouveau Petit Robert.

As a B2B interior agency, Canuse aims to propose original solutions for exclusive interior fabrics, sustainable wall plasters, woven wall coverings, high-end cushions & plaids and design furniture. All of the represented collections tell an individual story, with a passion for material and respect for artisan production techniques.
Far away from mainstream thinking, Canuse is the perfect partner for out of the box interior products that can be of added value for the project conceptualising. 

Canuse presents the collections to interior designers, architects, decorators and high end boutiques in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

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